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Autism Training Solutions

I worked closely with ATS between 2012-14, collaborating with their marketing team on a wide range of exciting projects.


Project Context

Before being acquired by Relias Learning in 2014, Autism Training Solutions (ATS) was one of the leading providers of online, autism and behavioral training. ATS served hundreds of organizations, universities, and families. Ikonic had previously contributed to ATS's marketing efforts by helping launch social media campaigns, and helped maintain their previous marketing website.


In early 2014 ikonic expanded our partnership with ATS and began collaborating on a system-wide overhaul of ATS properties. This included rebuilding their marketing website, customer management tools, and ecommerce integration; redesigning their legacy learning management system (LMS); and providing seamless platform integration between systems.

User Experience

Critical to the new platform's success, our first priority with this project was user experience improvements. We defined each user journey through common prototyping techniques, optimizing the user experience and unifying the design language across the platform.

The final design solution ensures end-users can just as easily register for a webinar as they can purchase training as part of a university course. Even more important, the user experience is consistent across mobile devices being developed with the latest responsive design methods.

The administrator workflow was redesigned with the same level of commitment to user experience. Ikonic eliminated redundant tasks and automated user management tasks that once cost ATS hours of admin time. 

Desktop Site


Marketing Language

Product Management

Customer Management

Robust Marketing Platform

The new content management system needed to evolve leaps and bounds over the existing marketing site. We worked closely with ATS to ensure each feature was implemented to their unique specifications:

  • Improved user experience
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Modernized, flat, design aesthetic
  • Custom ecommerce solution
  • Multiple user-registration journeys
  • Dynamic user profiles with LMS integration

LMS Integration

Ikonic designed the new platform requirements and worked with the original engineers as they rebuilt the LMS to meet our new goals. We also redesigned the user interface and oversaw the execution of those changes. New features included:

  • Users see active and expired training on their user profile
  • Users have one-click access to training from their profile
  • Users should be able to register for training managed by different customers (ie. individual training and employer-managed training)
  • Design language to be unified with the marketing site
  • Tight integration with ecommerce checkout procedure to ensure new training is assigned


Mobile Site

Commerce & Customer Management

Custom dashboards were developed to help ATS manage and track customer and individual user training. Administrators can see how many users are training under a customer and how many seats that customer has available inside each of their training groups.

We also customized products so they can apply training to a customer based on pre-defined rules. Upon checkout, these rules place a user inside the appropriate training group and sync all data to the LMS. 

Our work enabled ATS administrators to quickly address customer support calls and make meaningful changes from the intuitive interface with just a few clicks. 


The six-month project ended just a couple weeks short of launch, as ATS entered into the acquisition process. With the eventual goal of migrating ATS products and customers onto the Relias Learning platform, the launch was scaled back. 

  • In June 2014 Autism Training Solutions was acquired by Relias Learning
  • Shortly thereafter the platform was scaled back and new CMS launched
  • Ikonic modified the platform to maintain support for legacy users while migrating new users to the Relias LMS
  • ​Ikonic is now working closely with Relias Learning on new projects (view case study)