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Interaction Through Gamification

An interactive landing page for Relias' State of Training survey results, where users compare their own survey responses with those of more than 4000 survey respondents.

Project Context

Relias Learning offers online training to organizations in senior care, health and human services, public safety, and advanced illness. It’s their mission to help clients achieve the highest quality practice and accreditation standards with online learning and compliance programs. As a close partner, ikonic helps Relias integrate and utilize powerful marketing technology.


Relias was eager to build a custom, interactive landing page that would be the home for their State of Training survey results. Users were to fill in a form to gain access to and compare their own responses with those of more than 4000 survey respondents. The page was to be designed in a way that could be reused for future surveys, and make use of an external database of survey-results. User's responses were also to be posted to Relias' lead database.


Desktop Site

Intro & Instructions

Gamified Form Elements​​

Interactive Charts​

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Relias was excited to experiment with gamification design principles - a tactic they have used to enhance their own learning management products over the past year. Gamification is the process by which the design and interraction of a digital product are infused with principles of game design. These principles include concepts such as narrative content, rules and objectives, reward system, competition, and play.

Our Approach

We took a standard design approach to developing the interactive page. We started by building low fidelity wireframes and developing user stories to help lock down essential functionality. We then worked through the unique, conceptual nature of the gamified form – building design concepts to test multiple narratives against the state of training content. Finally, our developers attacked the code head-on.


Mobile Site


Key Features

The landing page quickly evolved through the development process. A selectable map and large, stylized select options make the form easy and fun for the user. A live profile-preview informs the user that the upcoming results will be a comparison to survey respondents with similar profiles to their own. And that is what they get: the state of training survey results transformed into dynamic charts that showed the data relevant to each user's vertical. Users select their own response to each survey question - providing them with a simple comparison statement to illustrate and describe through text how they measure up! All form fields are also posted to Relias' lead database through a custom API integration.



Launching in early March 2016, the project has been a huge success with positive feedback from users.