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IO Education: Transforming The Classroom And Beyond

IO Education is a leading solution for school data and classroom-management technology.

After several acquisitions, IO was struggling to scale their website and digital marketing efforts. IO came to ikonic to help them transform their marketing technology and onboard their team to a more flexible workflow.

I was tasked with transforming a rigid, outdated content management system into a modern, easy-to-use experience. We would need to design a new customer experience to inspire brand confidence and drive lead generation. Our developers would need to implement multiple page templates to meet specific content challenges. IO also needed ikonic to thoroughly test and improve their analytics implementation as well as recommend and help implement marketing automation tools. 


During our discovery phase, we identified and fixed implementation errors which were resulting in inaccurate analytics. We analyzed IO's existing analytics and technology stack for potential issues and when our developers were satisfied, we cleared the website for further development.

We also identified key problems with content and hierarchy which we believed to be preventing visitors from recognizing the value of the product.


Ikonic and IO engaged for several weeks of preliminary planning and strategy with the goal of improving the website experience. Ikonic built several interactive prototypes, iterating slowly to demonstrate how the user experience would improve. Eventually, we created high-fidelity design concepts to align the new user interface design with brand standards and our new IO design language.

Ikonic also collaborated with IO Education on improving the information architecture across the website. This exercise helped structure the content hierarchy and bring forward the highest priority pages. This effort was designed to improve discoverability of content for various user groups.


Finally, our development team moved forward with the redevelopment of the platform. We stripped the content management of excess bloat, inactive code, and redundant libraries. The theme was preserved as to not disturb legacy content, but with significant improvement to the code to optimize page load times. Lastly, we built a custom theme layer to enable IO Education to build dynamic pages in a slick, drag-and-drop interface.

As the front-end of the website came together, we advised IO on implementing HubSpot for marketing automation (among other technologies) to improve their marketing workflow. We also built custom workflows to push leads into IO's CRM from form fills across the platform. 


The result of our nearly three-month effort was an exciting accomplishment for IO. Our work gave IO Education a fresh start - and an opportunity to gain traction in a competitive and rapidly growing industry. 

IO was thrilled to launch in November 2017 and the combined effort of our front-end designers and developers leading up to launch made this a seamless transition without any website downtime.