You Didn't Know These Sites Were Built On Drupal

Drupal makes up a mere 2% of the internet (5% of sites built on a content management system), but a growing number of organizations are turning to the CMS for its powerful, secure, and flexible code base. This includes fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. You are likely using a platform powered by Drupal every day without knowing it. Here is our list of top Drupal sites you (probably) didn't know were built on Drupal.


Rainforest Alliance

Drupal was selected for this project based on several factors. First, its focus on structured data fit well with Rainforest Alliance’s need for portable and searchable content. Second, the deep integration with Apache Solr allowed for a nuanced content relation engine. Solr was also used to power the various search interfaces. Third, Drupal has historically had powerful workflow tools for managing content. While these tools weren’t quite ready for Drupal 8 when we built it, we knew they would be simple to integrate when they were ready. In short, Drupal was a perfect fit for the immediate needs, and Drupal 8 met the organization’s longer term goals.

Open Y: YMCA

The decentralized structure of the YMCA means that every association has its own board of directors, its own leadership, and its own ways of representing themselves digitally. Rather than continuing in the vein of Every-Y-For-Itself, the founding YMCAs made the decision to share their code and platforms with other YMCAs.

For YMCAs with smaller digital budgets or teams, this allows any association to have a top-tier website for little investment, and for YMCAs with larger digital budgets, it becomes possible to innovate upon previously existing solutions and build a better platform for everyone.

US Department of Energy

In order to transform the way the department’s digital presence, they needed a centralized architecture that could accommodate dozens of agency sites and empower hundreds of editors with a streamlined publishing workflow. A Drupal platform enabled the department to deliver a mobile-first user experience that reflects the fervent pace of innovation found at the world’s authority on energy technology and policy. The combination of an award-winning mobile-first design and tools that promote flexibility, centralized CMS management, and editor independence has made the standard-bearer for digital in the federal sphere.

The Economist’s Espresso news app

For their first-ever daily edition The Economist turned to Drupal to build a powerful publishing platform for their global team.

The Weather Channel 

The Weather Channel provides the world's most accurate and trustworthy weather information, content, and data – to more Americans than any other weather resource. When it came to their web content management system, they chose Drupal.


The classic American watchmaker wanted to create a site that reflects its iconic brand while offering an intuitive navigation and engaging mix of product, social, and editorial content. For this, Timex chose Drupal.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera reaches more than 270 million households in over 140 countries across the globe.

Greenpeace: Greenwire Platform

The Greenwire platform allows employees and volunteers to contact and talk with each other, exchange ideas, and make plans for events, campaigns, or actions. In addition to participating in existing Greenpeace activities, the more than 20,000 members can develop their own activities to support the Greenpeace mission.

Red Hat's

The trusted provider of enterprise software turned to Drupal to create a new community for all things open-source. Developed by Palantir, the site was designed to support a large community of visitors and contributors. Palantir leveraged Drupal's powerful suite of core modules which made it possible to build a powerful, feature-rich site with minimal custom code.

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