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The World Is My Playground

Keeping in-touch with a friend from abroad takes creativity and vision.


In 2008 I studied abroad in Birmingham, England and struggled to stay in touch with a number of friends back in Duluth, Minnesota. One of those friend’s was Gina Gleason. She is a great artist, photographer, and teacher, and a great friend. During my time abroad, my method of staying in touch with Gina was simple: keeping up our two-year tradition of photo-jaunts.

During our original photo-adventures, as we often referred to them, we would discover a new neighbourhood, hike through one of Duluth’s parks, or generally crawl around like tourists in our own city. Nevertheless, together, we reinvented the industrial decay of Duluth through pure play, and it was a shared experience I doubt we will ever forget.

While abroad Gina and I took our adventures off the streets and into our own digital playground where new, worldly adventures could flourish. It was there that we soared above Brazil on a hang glide, stood glistening our bodybuilder-physiques on a Hawaiian beach, and explored the mountains of Tibet. Did I mention there was a magical dolphin-cow? Well, there was and it was beautiful.

Today, Gina lives in Texas and I reside in New York. Our friendship is still strong, and partially because of our distance, these adventures will go on.