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Played an incremental role in the evolving design and execution of ikonicmedia.com (2013-2015). 

Project Context

I started working at ikonic as an intern in 2012. After being hired as a full-time designer I was given the ikonic media website as a testing ground for quick design sprints and rapid code testing. 

Many of my site-building techniques were only perfected after first testing them out on the ikonic build and using them internally.

During my time at ikonic we have rebuilt our website from the ground-up more than once. We strive to keep our site fresh and ahead of the curve which requires constant attention to detail and rigorous system maintenance.

Drupal 7

In 2013 ikonic made the move to Drupal 7. With the previous version loosing support over the coming months we knew our clients would want their own Drupal products built on the latest version of the open-source content management system.

Our decision paid off and the first D7 version of our website brought fresh attention and drove several new clients to sign contracts. Since then, the site has evolved twice over - with new, dynamic page-building techniques and a redeveloped theme to even better optimize the site for mobile devices.

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