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Our Saviors Lutheran Church (2013-15)

A simple CMS designed to empower a small-town congregation to take control of their brand and make a positive statement about their values on the web.

Project Context

Our Saviors Lutheran Church is an ELCA congregation in West Salem, WI. They have been serving the community for 160 years. When OSLC approached me in 2013 they had a website from the 90s which was breaking down in modern browsers. The process for updating the website was also cumbersome and required a member of staff to upload the entire website each month.


I was tasked with building a website that would offer modern features and bring scale and accessibility to the table. I was also asked to lead a congregational committee through the process of designing the website and later training the group on using the content management system.


Desktop Site


Footer and CTA


My Approach

I began this project from across the country utilizing Skype and Face Time for meetings. The best way to approach this website was by asking the committee to act as my user experience testers, to which they agreed. Through this process we worked through simple prototypes, Q&A, and a design concept. The website quickly took shape while the committee took a step back to write new content for the build.

I foresaw long-term obstacles with maintaining the new site and proposed a youth representative take on the responsibility as well as an internship program that would train a young member of the congregation on how to use the content management system.


The website was launched in the Spring of 1013 to great praise. The site offered OSLC a chance to dip their toes in the water of a modern website, however, introduced new business challenges that the congregation did not anticipate. After only two years church leadership decided that maintaining the website internally was no longer practical. In 2015 the website was replaced. 

A version of the website remains accessible at oursaviors.mrwick.com, however, maintenance issues have disabled mobile support.


Key Features

The website was built on Drupal – in my opinion the most powerful, open-source CMS available. I built a custom content management interface to streamline the process of creating pages, events, staff, and other types of content across the site. This custom content was displayed using powerful tools and content such as church staff could be organized by simply drag-and-drop. 

With the design of the new website, we also created a new brand for the church.



  • I was not consulted when the site was replaced in 2015 and did not contribute in any way to the current OSLC website.
  • This project was done pro-bono.