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Pain Relief Revolution

A resource for more than 100 million people who suffer from chronic pain.

Project Context

Pain Relief Revolution is the brain child of Dr. Peter Abaci, a leading expert on pain and contributor to WebMD, The Huffington Post and About.com. Dr. Abaci came to ikonic in 2013 to help him make an impact online by helping people with chronic pain find the resources they desperately need.

There were so many untapped resources on the web that were difficult to find and the fragmentation of knowledge was just another sources of stress and frustration for pain sufferers. Together with Dr. Abaci, ikonic set out to find a solution.


Our task was to bring together pain experts from across the country to support a community of pain sufferers by sharing their knowledge on the free platform. Pain Relief Revolution would only offer articles of the highest quality from trusted sources.

We would also build tools to allow users to follow certain ailments or topics and receive email notifications when new articles were available. 


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Our Approach

Ikonic coordinated outreach efforts with our PR partner, Mouth and over the course of several months we secured five expert contributors for launch.

At the same time my dev team was building a state-of-the-art content management platform to be the home to thousands of articles, videos, and audio interviews. 

We wanted experts to have the freedom to log into the platform and publish their own content, so a custom workflow was developed to do just that. We uses a powerful permissions engine to create dynamic user roles to control which tools would be accessible to each user.

Along with powerful content management workflows we also built tools to improve engagement and accessibility for everyone. We added a, "Read Later" feature as well as the ability to follow a topic or category and quickly access a personalized content list at anytime.


We launched in beta in May of 2013 with a full launch just a month later. The site has reached over 5000 users and is growing steadily. 

We are very proud to say that all of our original launch partners have remained with the platform and we have doubled the number of contributors to the site since launch.

The platform has also boosted Dr. Abaci's reach in the pain community and fostered many partnerships and opportunities outside the platform. 

One such opportunity is Health Revolution Radio: a weekly radio show where Dr. Abaci discusses pain topics with guests from around the country. Health Revolution is produced by I Heart Radio and is available on painreliefrevolution.com.


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Pain Relief Revolution is still maintained by my team at ikonic. You can visit the site at painreliefrevolution.com.