Project Context

Relias Institute, the research arm of Relias Learning, investigates and carries out clinical research studies related to prevention, treatment, and delivery of services to people with health conditions and studies the impact of staff training and education on healthcare outcomes. As a close partner, ikonic helps Relias Learning integrate and utilize powerful marketing technology.


Relias was eager to showcase their growing body of clinical research. They had promoted research in their existing resources section, through press releases, and as stand-alone pages built on their content management system. The challenge was pulling this fragmented content into a single interface with future scale and dynamic content integration as top priorities.


Ikonic previously built Relias Learning’s primary content management platform so we knew Relias Institute would become an extension of this system. The benefits were clear: we could reuse existing publishing workflows, theme architecture, and optimized javascript libraries while Relias would maintain a consistent content management experience.

Our Approach

We worked through our standard design approach when developing Relias Institute. We started by collaborating with Relias on the information architecture requirements. This meant building low fidelity wireframes and developing user stories to help lock down essential functionality. We then added design concepts to develop a unique aesthetic to set Relias Institute apart from the rest of the Relias Learning website.

Key Features

Tight integration with Relias Learning’s existing content management platform means simple editing through a powerful WYSIWYG editor; a simple, point-and-click tagging system; and intuitive, form-style user interface. It also enables Relias to use a custom publication workflow build specifically for their administrators. On the front-end, users can easily find research by publication date and through intuitive search and filtering tools. From an article page, a user can select an author to view a short bio along with a complete list of the research that author has participated in.



Launching in early 2016, the project has been well received. Relias Institute will eventually be the home for hundreds of pieces of research conducted by the research arm of Relias learning and Ikonic is already expecting to expand the project in the near future.