For several years, Relias has used Jive software to provide online support to their many users. The SaaS platform provides a knowledge base for Relias users to find resources and answer each other’s questions regarding the Relias Learning Management System (RLMS). Relias Connect, as they call it, also provides user guides and helpful documentation so customers can avoid numerous support requests as they are learning the RLMS learning platform. Additionally, the system is a safeguard against overwhelming the Relias support team.

Relias Connect allows users in various groups to search previously asked questions to find the answer to their inquiry. If a ticket has not been asked on the platform, users can post their question and expect a swift response from the community or a member of the Relias support team. Limiting unnecessary support calls and emails helps Relias meet budget goals and frees up the existing Relias support team to contribute resources to the platform.

The more the platform is used, the more vital its resources become to users. This is partly why Relias decided to refine their Jive instance rather than move to a competitor’s software despite shortcomings with the Jive Enterprise system. Relias was running a dated version of Jive which was feature-poor and especially limiting when it came to customization and content management. Both were important to the Relias support team who needed the support system to scale.


Relias has experienced rapid growth to their products, and they needed a support system to scale and become a support community rather than just a ticket system. Relias asked ikonic to identify ways to leverage the Jive system and to work across IT, Support, and Marketing teams to implement the changes.

ikonic advised on the upgrade process and redesigned vital areas of the platform. Ikonic also oversaw the migration of legacy content, testing for content consistency, user migration, permissions review, content planning, user experience testing, and analytics configuration.

Experience Design

Ikonic helped Relias map the user journey across their platform to help RLMS admin and learners reach appropriate resources on Relias Connect. We considered logged in and anonymous users, and standard registration workflow. We also mapped the information architecture and taxonomy system to find problems with and optimize content access for users.

As we did a deep dive into the Jive platform, implementing new pages exposed a lot of issues and limitations with the Jive product. For example, Jive prevents javascript rendering inside custom pages which meant we could not track granular user behavior as we had planned in our strategy. Furthermore, Jive doesn’t allow custom pages or templating to be used for unique content. This forced us to be very creative in using Jive’s built-in spaces and subspaces architecture with predefined widget regions. To complete this work we developed multiple custom coded widgets to enable search and content feeds from Jive’s widget regions.


In the end, ongoing limitations with the Jive platform forced Relias to compromise on some planned resources and how-to guides. Some events and training now redirect users to the main Relias website where it is easier to develop custom pages for this unique content.

Despite these issues, the new Jive instance was relaunched and has boosted activity on the platform to reflect an online support community. RLMS users now engage within the platform more than ever, while support staff can contribute faster and more frequently.