Latest Projects


Pain Relief Revolution

A resource for more than 100 million people who suffer from chronic pain.

Mouth Public Relations

We brought this decade-old firm back to the future with a powerful content mangement system and a custom content workflow.

Our Saviors Lutheran Church (2013-15)

A simple CMS designed to empower a small-town congregation to take control of their brand and make a positive statement about their values on the web.

Ikonic Media Rebrand

I put a modern twist on the ikonic flame. 


The restaurant, located in Duluth, Minnesota had an inspired menu and top-notch sushi but lacked an equally enticing brand experience. 

Twitter For Business

A graphic, foldable, poster highlighting the benefits of using twitter for business. 

The World Is My Playground

Keeping in-touch with a friend from abroad takes creativity and vision.

The Daily Wick: 8PM

8PM and 8Cafe are ficticous, neighboring restaurant/bar and cafe for all-day service. 

Stark Enterprises LLC

A brand package to represent strong values and carry these innovative products into the future.

The Daily Wick: Mid-City Brewhaus

Mid-City Brewhaus is a ficticious, minneapolis-based brewery. 

The Daily Wick: Mpls Food Tour

The Minneapolis Tour de Food is a ficticious minnesota-based food festival.

The Daily Wick: Lilo

Lilo is a fictitious dance studio with locations across the United States.

The Daily Wick: Independence Day

Yep: Glory to God & Country & Aliens. A creative sprint.

The Daily Wick: Hollywood

The Daily Wick was a short-running series of creative design sprints in which I challenged myself to invent brands, branding materials, packaging, and more. 

The Daily Wick: Kauffmans

A ficticious marketplace designed as part of my daily blogging sprint.

The Daily Wick: Body Modification

I know i'm not alone in thinking this self-harm, mutilation thing is grossly fascinating...

XXX Burger

A branding exploration from the boredom factory, my daily design sprints from years past.

The Boredom Factory

This is the product of my boredom. At least at this point in my life I still find something to do with my spare time. 

A Series of Facebook Vacations

Fleeing cyberspace in search of the harsh light of summer days.