Latest Projects



I love discovering and telling stories through the images I capture. 


A selection of landscape photography shot over the past few years.


Weddings, engagements, graduations, and more. Event photography is a hobby and a casual passion of mine. For more samples, please reach out via the contact form on this site.


Along my travels I have taken hundreds of thousands of photographs. This is just a small sample of my work documenting urban life. 

Life in the UK

These photos represent some of my fondest memories throughout a year in the UK.


An exploration in sniper-style photography. Each image tells a different story, each composition arranged in a narrative, linear strip to allude to a deeper context. 

Instagram: A New Adventure

In 2008 I crated a photo album called "London in Squares". I didn't reallize at the time that this was going to become a "thing".

Exploring China

I have never been very good at sitting in one place for very long. 


A selection of recent portraits from my portfolio.