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Y-Athlete: Team Fitness Tracking

A Powerful web application and database-driven platform designed to improve the performance of athletes.

Project Context

Y-Athlete is a lifestyle brand invented by former NHL player Stephen Webb. The Y-Athlete web application provides the essential tools for athletes to become high-performance leaders in sports - and in life. 

Stephen approached ikonic in 2012 to rebuild his Y-Athlete web application using modern HTML5 and responsive design standards. I coordinated internal development efforts for this project until the app launched in 2013.


There are several tools to help athletes increase their performance, but few tools are designed to assist both coaches and athletes to maximize the athletes’ performance. by connecting teams with their coaches. Our goal was to create a desktop and mobile application that helps the athlete evaluate, restructure, learn, and constantly move towards his or her goal achievement—all while informing coaches of their progress.


Desktop Site


Homepage Vision​​





Our goal was to design and develop a database-driven web application with the purpose of improving the performance of athletes. The platform would require some challenging requirements for the time:

  • Mobile-first architecture
  • Scalable database
  • HTML5 & Responsive
  • Commerce
  • Membership auto-renewal
  • User Administration Interface

Our Approach

We created a series of detailed wireframe prototypes that mapped out key user journeys and consolidated display methods for the wide range of performance data that would be delivered by the underlying application. Using visualization and chart APIs, we built a handsome interface to visualize data in crisp, HTML5 informational charts.

This ensured that the final design solution could be progressed confidently and that the data would be both visually appealing and easy to consume across various devices. The end result is clean, contemporary interface that allows coaches to access, filter, and compare data as efficiently as possible—no matter the device.


Mobile Site

Key Features

The platform was built with the latest HTML5 standards and leverages responsive web design to seamlessly adapt to different displays. Building the site on a powerful content management system also ensured the platform could scale to meet future needs. The front-end provided coaches with the ability to add and manage athletes, including inviting new team members via an automated email system. New athletes are prompted with instructions and, "Info points" to help them learn how to use each tool.

On the backend, ikonic built custom reporting dashboards and trained Y-Athlete staff on how to manage athletes, coaches as well as their customer profiles and order details.



Y-Athlete launched in 2013 with a positive response from users. The product saw promising early adoption and many teams eagerly tested the platform.