Platforms that are making user and data-driven decision making accessible to more teams.

User Research

UserZoom —

This platform seems to have it all. Moderated and unmoderated user testing, benchmarking, IA analysis, surveys, live intercepts, and more. Have you ever done remote card sorting? I haven’t — but I can do it with User Zoom and that gets me excited.

Pricing unknown

Validately –

User research platform Validately will source and schedule participants, set up the technology, perform day of confirmations, backfill extra testers, and pay incentives to participants. Their testing platform generates automatic reports so you can spend less time analyzing each test.

$199–699/month (3 seats)

UsabilityHub —

A great tool if you are just getting into user testing. UsabilityHub has several types of tests and you can recruit from their pool of testers. They don’t provide custom recruiting and you’ll have to use a separate business intelligence tool to visualize your data.

Team: $400/month (four users)

TryMyUI —

This platform is aimed at remote user testing with trusted testers. You can also include surveys and first-impression tests. This platform has some nice collaboration touches that might work nicely for your team.

Enterprise: $1,000/month

Userlytics –

Userlytics is a testing platform for wireframes, apps, and websites against your user personas. Test with their dedicated respondents or pay userlytics to conduct a recruitment process.

Enterprise: $70/month per participant

Lookback –

Lookback focuses on moderated and unmoderated user testing. The app facilitates wireframe and prototype testing on desktop and mobile and records video of each test with timestamped notes. It does user testing really well but doesn’t offer any other types of research. You’ll have to extract data and insights manually — and recruit your own participants.

Pro: $99/month per collaborator

Great for testing the entire use journey. UT facilitates remote user testing with targeted participants by demographic. Test sketches, prototypes, or a final product on any screen. Receive feedback in multiple formats including video and written responses to a test. UT focuses on user tests and doesn’t go into any other research methods so keep that in mind.

Pricing unknown

Usabilla –

Gather data through surveys and a voluntary user feedback button.

Pricing unknown

Reflector —

Reflector is a basic screen-mirroring and recording tool so you can conduct user tests remotely, using any existing wireframes or prototypes and standard observation and note-taking techniques.

$62 One-time

Analytics & Optimization

Hotjar –

HotJar is the analytics tool aimed directly at user experience. See what your users are actually doing on your website or mobile app with heatmaps. Analyze form drop-off, conduct surveys, and recruit participants for more in-depth user testing.


Crazy Egg –

Crazy Egg enhances heatmaps with A/B testing and allows some minor changes to your website CSS from within the UI.

Pro: $189/month

Inspectlet –

Inspectlet catalogs videos of user sessions by various attributes including conversion funnel. You can review a session and the corresponding heatmap to find insights.


Optimizely –

Optimizely describes itself as an experimentation platform. With a focus on personalization, A/B testing, and experience optimization Optimizely offers a lot of powerful tools to improve your website, app, or digital product. The personalization engine leverages machine learning to deliver the right content at the right time.

It’s very expensive.

Full Story —

FullStory records and reproduces real user experiences on your site. Page insights and analytics are aggregated automatically and the interface is designed to be accessible to everyone — not just data analysts. That makes this a beginners tool in my book, but a pretty helpful one if you are looking for quick insights.

Professional: $199/month