Autism Training Solutions (ATS) is a provider of online learning to autism service providers, universities, and families. With a bootstrap mentality ATS grew rapidly to fill a void of quality professional development and university training for autism professionals. By 2014 their offering had expanded well beyond the original scope of their learning management technology. In order to scale the business and relieve the support team ATS partnered with ikonic to rebuild their technology and meet the needs of a constantly evolving product.


We began a complete platform overhaul which included building a new web content management system (CMS) and tightly integrating the new website with their proprietary learning management system (LMS). On the technical side, the new site required highly advanced ecommerce tools to accept complex subscriptions and payment by users being funneled into various product groups. The site also required a sophisticated back-end to allow for marketing and sales staff to effectively manage the new shopping experience, customers, products, coupons, and more.

On the front-end, the ATS website needed to be restructured to deliver a unique and relevant user experience for a variety of key user profiles, with a goal of:

  • Increasing free trials and purchases
  • Streamlining the checkout process
  • Tightly integrating the CMS with the LMS
  • Improving the overall user experience


We followed our standard experience design strategy and design thinking process to include users early, during, and post build. The structured process enabled us to customize and refine the user experience with user input and we added dataLayer objects to support more robust engagement metrics.

The final design solution reflects the innovative quality of the products and services offered and provides easy access to a wide range of video content and support materials, which are easily updated and managed by the content management system.

We also contributed to ATS’s marketing efforts by helping create a social strategy and eventually launch several successful social campaigns.


  • In mid 2014 Autism Training Solutions was acquired by Relias
  • Shortly thereafter we assisted Relias in acquiring technical specifications for the ATS platform
  • In late 2014 Relias retained ikonic as their agency of record
  • In 2015 ikonic modified the ATS platform to maintain support for legacy users while migrating new users to the Relias LMS
  • Ikonic has worked with Relias on several new projects (view case study)