Unify a fragmented platform

  • Build a sophisticated content management system (CMS) to unify and replace multiple websites
  • Optimize entire technology stack
  • Develop a powerful permissions engine for locking down members-only content
  • Migrate thousands of pages of content into the new site
  • Migrate thousands of existing users into the new platform

Automate routine business tasks

  • Implement a custom e-commerce solution for collecting and managing member dues
  • Develop flexible member-management tools inside the CMS
  • Integrate comprehensive user reporting dashboards
  • Organize complex logic into understandable user tasks


We decided to create a system that would let the international and local chapter organizations of UXPA share resources, but at the same time provide flexibility to address their specific audiences. We also wanted to find a way to make onboarding of such a large network as efficient and painless as possible. To set the stage for this undertaking ikonic underwent extensive research, eventually outlining the information architecture through several wireframes.

We also identified and recommended a full technology stack to replace multiple, fragmented websites. At the core of the new UXPA, we placed a Drupal e-commerce solution. We then developed custom workflows to assist UXPA administrators to manage the community, maintain content and resources, run custom reports, and more.

The new UXPA platform was the first responsive website for the organization. We utilized Drupal’s powerful theming engine and a customized responsive framework to ensure every page was optimized for mobile devices.

ikonic also performed several routine tasks like search engine optimization (SEO). UXPA’s previous websites had not been optimized with metadata but it was easy to demonstrate the value in this exercise. UXPA saw a significant improvement in search ranking as a result of this routine effort.


The UXPA is a highly respected user experience organization, so we set out to meet the expectations of many discerning users.

We immersed ourselves in the build requirements creating user stories, architecting the build, constructing a new CMS, and seamlessly migrating thousands of members to the new platform. We also integrated accounting features and built custom reporting modules for UXPA staff to view and manage member data and subscriptions.

Our collaborative process took several months to complete, but in the end, ikonic managed to build a powerful platform for a growing organization. We successfully unified multiple digital properties, integrated third-party services, and created a cutting-edge community platform.