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I have more than 7 years experience creating digital experiences. I have built dozens of websites for dozens of clients, contributing to design, implementation, and optimization of digital platforms.

By: Jared Wick on July 2, 2018

Executing Modular Design Systems In WordPress With ACF Pro

Content Management, Content Strategy, Development

As experience designers, we are usually thinking about how our clients can improve their customers’ experience while continuing to grow. A big part of this effort is focused on the customer journey, but almost as important is examining the client’s internal operations and capabilities. Any solution we arrive at must be aligned with the capabilities…

By: Jared Wick on May 9, 2017

Beyond the Blog: WordPress in the Real World

Content Management

Rooted in blogging, WordPress is most commonly used for simple publications – with about half of all WordPress sites hosted on the free service. But with a staggering 20% of the internet built on WordPress it is likely you are using far more WordPress sites than you realized – and not just blogs. WordPress sites are often…

By: Jared Wick on May 2, 2017

CMS Showdown: Drupal Vs. WordPress

Content Management

At ikonic, we are focused on delivering the latest technology. When we recommend a content management system (CMS) for your company we identify the solution that will deliver results while considering how it applies to your unique business or marketing needs. Below is a comparison of two of the most popular, open-source content management systems: Drupal and WordPress. We break down key features and…

By: Jared Wick on May 1, 2017

You Didn’t Know These Sites Were Built On Drupal

Content Management

Drupal makes up a mere 2% of the internet (5% of sites built on a content management system), but a growing number of organizations are turning to the content management system (CMS) for its powerful, secure, and flexible code base. This includes fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. The technology behind the latest version of Drupal is impressive – both…

By: Jared Wick on May 1, 2017

Finding Opportunities in Open Source Technology

Content Management, Development

Evaluating software and services to use within your organization can be difficult. Whether you are looking for a product to form the foundation of your business or a tool to help your team perform more efficiently, you will likely find both open source and proprietary options in the marketplace. But when should you choose an…

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