Category: Content Strategy

I have more than 7 years experience creating digital experiences. I have built dozens of websites for dozens of clients, contributing to design, implementation, and optimization of digital platforms.

By: Jared Wick on August 22, 2018

Card Sorting: Organizing & Understanding Complex Data

Content Strategy, Information Architecture, UX Design

“We define information architecture as the art and science of organizing and labeling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability an findability.” – Information Architecture Institute ( Getting Started Card sorting is a research technique used to help organize complex information into intuitive, user-friendly systems. I use card sorts on nearly every project…

By: Jared Wick on August 15, 2018

Optimizing Customer Experience Through Data, Content, Service, & More

Content Optimization, Content Strategy, Customer Experience, Qualitative Data, Quantitative Analytics

Customer experience design (CX) puts the customer’s needs above all other priorities. It can transform an entire organization by injecting experience design into every customer touch point. As a designer at a digital agency, I have helped shift marketing efforts to help companies differentiate through CX. Here are some practical takeaways to help you start…

By: Jared Wick on July 2, 2018

Executing Modular Design Systems In WordPress With ACF Pro

Content Management, Content Strategy, Development

As experience designers, we are usually thinking about how our clients can improve their customers’ experience while continuing to grow. A big part of this effort is focused on the customer journey, but almost as important is examining the client’s internal operations and capabilities. Any solution we arrive at must be aligned with the capabilities…

By: Jared Wick on January 15, 2018

Exercises To Replace Traditional Brainstorming

Content Strategy, UX Design

Brainstorming isn’t as effective as many believe it to be. While sharing ideas in groups is essential, the typical, unstructured format of brainstorming sessions leads to groupthink, a situation where the first few ideas are quickly validated before more creative ideas can come to light. Early ideas also provide a template or anchor for the…

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