Category: Design Thinking

I have more than 7 years experience creating digital experiences. I have built dozens of websites for dozens of clients, contributing to design, implementation, and optimization of digital platforms.

By: Jared Wick on August 17, 2018

A curated list of tools to support UX Research

Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Qualitative Data, Quantitative Analytics, UX Design

Platforms that are making user and data-driven decision making accessible to more teams. User Research UserZoom — This platform seems to have it all. Moderated and unmoderated user testing, benchmarking, IA analysis, surveys, live intercepts, and more. Have you ever done remote card sorting? I haven’t — but I can do it with User Zoom…

By: Jared Wick on August 9, 2018

Ideation: Solving Pain Points Fast

Design Thinking, UX Design

Modern brainstorming with rapid ideation techniques will save you time and headaches. Pain points are real or perceived irritants–often a critical factor in gaining or losing customer loyalty and trust. This means you want to prioritize and solve these problems fast. But skipping an ideation session in favor of pursuing the first solution offered can…

By: Jared Wick on August 9, 2018

Empathy Mapping: A Gateway To User-Centered Insights

Design Thinking, UX Design

Empathy mapping is not a replacement for a user persona and it won’t replace quantitative or qualitative user research. Instead, empathy mapping is an exercise you can use to externalize assumptions about users so you can relate to them and in turn understand their desires. This abstract thinking makes empathy mapping accessible to diverse teams…

By: Jared Wick on August 1, 2018

UX Prototyping Tools Reviewed (2018)

Design Thinking, UX Design

These prototyping tools are doing some heavy lifting for experience designers. I put them to the test to decide which tool would most enhance my workflow. I love software that helps me work more efficiently while improving the outcome of my UX efforts. All of these tools have the potential to do just that so let’s…

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