Immersing in great design will keep you doing your best work.

Admit it, Dribbble is a never-ending click hole! It’s just not practical for finding great design inspiration. For this list, I chose websites which organize and curate great interaction design, go in-depth with case studies, or push the boundaries of interaction. You should be spending less time sorting through endless design fragments and start immersing yourself in the work that is most relevant at the moment.

Hover States

Get out of your comfort zone and design something new! This website depicts radical new ways of designing for interaction.

Collect UI

Collect UI is a really handy tool for sorting through posts from Dribbble and Behance by category. Categories are specific, for example, ‘Social Share’, or ‘On/Off Switch’ — meaning you can find immediate inspiration for the task at hand.


This site provides a deep dive into UX/UI projects. They are not exactly case studies but you will often find dozens of screens, videos showing interaction, and enough project context to be useful and insightful.

UX Collective

UX Collective is more than an inspiration site — its a source for in-depth articles from interaction designers and UX professionals. If you want to be immersed in UX and UI design, start reading a few articles a week.


Pageflows is a highly curated site focusing on page flow videos. If you are designing page flows for an app or website this is the best place to find your inspiration. The site has a costly membership fee which is why it is at the bottom of my list.