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As designers of experiences, we look at an organization’s ecosystem holistically, to ensure its customers can frictionlessly transition from one channel to another.

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Customers are interacting with organizations across multiple channels, and for companies to succeed, they must embrace a holistic marketing strategy known as experience design. Experience design strategy provides a strategic guide to forming consistent brand interactions across an entire organization. For marketers, it means a consistent, personalized customer experience across all marketing channels and the power to build long-term brand loyalty and advocacy with customers.

At ikonic, we equip marketers with a holistic understanding of their end-to-end customer journey so they can efficiently serve their customers wants and needs. We help deliver and consolidate contextually relevant experiences and plan interactions across all the operational silos and brand touchpoints. The result is the right information, offer, or interaction, at the precise moment, via any number of channels: website, mobile app, commerce site, email, SMS, social networks, in-store kiosks or customer service channel.

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We strive to ensure that the methods and tools that we use are as effective as they can be. We advocate for understanding user needs and use design thinking methods to inform our work.

For marketers, we pioneered a Customer Engagement Model that provides a lense of real-time clairvoyance into the campaigns and activities that get results. We focus on the six core elements of strategic planning that have the most significant impact on business. Each component is weighted to account for changes to the prescribed marketing plan, and the output is a strategic readiness score. Our process is inherently collaborative, involving both our clients and their customers from early insights to final implementation. Not every project needs this experimental platform, but when activated it is very insightful.

Leveraging our broad understanding of consumer behavior and in-depth knowledge of design thinking we optimize digital experiences for conversion. We interpret data, build prototypes, test thoroughly, and apply best practices in design, technology, and analytics.

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Challenge your assumptions; understand people and context; do work that matters.

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Many of our clients come to us with a particular need and eventually expand their relationship with us. Our flexible process means you can begin with a workshop or defined project and later take advantage of our subscription.

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A flat fee subscription allows you to avoid scope meetings, change orders, hourly billing, and other distractions. Our subscription will serve you best if you are growing fast and have multiple needs.

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If you have a clearly-defined need with a specific deadline to meet, starting with a project may work best for you. Project work includes our Strategic and Engagement services.

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Our workshops help organizations see the big picture. Each session provides a captivating mix of hands-on activities, discussion, and coaching by our team. You’ll start applying your practical skills the moment you step out of training.

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